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Because each Casino Party is so different in terms of occasion and the number and ages of guests invited, here is a brief guide that may help you choose your decor and favors: However, it is important to keep in mind when planning your Casino Party that latex balloons last an average of 12 to 20 hours, so be sure not to order them too far in advance. Spray paint the squares white, then paint black dots on each side like a real die, or use large black circle stickers.

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Place Cards Make up little place cards for your guests if you want to follow a seating arrangement. From decorating kits and polka dot balloons to protective table direccion casino clover san luis potosi and fantastic centerpieces, we have a wide variety of party decoration supplies to choose from.

Next day delivery Place your order before 4pm and choose a 24hour service to recieve your parcel Next Day! For buffet and snack tables, fun and festive centerpieces can be used.

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Another option is to make each place mat a different poker hand. Casino Parties are suited for all ages and all types of events, from fundraiserscorporate events, holiday parties, and even private parties. Put up a palm tree strip, play the guitar and fight with pirate swords!

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For example, write "Happy 30th birthday Janie" if the party is to celebrate a birthday. Create a centerpiece that works for your party. Scene setters cover the walls with slot machines, get roulette without the risk with a roulette wheel cutout, decorate the table with playing card decorations.

For example, make place mats out of construction paper in round poker chip shapes or playing cards. Create an over-sized blackjack or royal flush hand out of construction paper.

Centerpieces Your centerpieces will make one of the largest impacts, as they will be noticed by all of your guests. Choose from table covers in many vibrant colors and with fantastic designs, such as tribal Hawaiian themes, movie characters, American flags, karate-fighters, and others.

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Casino scene setters, decorations and accessories to transform a living room into a glamorous betting parlour. For long tables, you can use several placed at specific points on the table. Centerpieces — A centerpiece is meant to draw attention and to make a statement. Sprinkle these around the table like confetti. Booking your next Casino Party is simply a phone call away — contact us to get started!

Use spades for a spades party, or make four queens of hearts cards if that's your party theme. Use square blocks of Styrofoam or small square boxes to create a pair of dice. Or try making your own by twisting balloons together for a unique and personal touch.

Casino Party Centerpieces

Your headquarters for party decoration supplies, you can find all the photo banners, inflatables, signs, streams, and more you need. However, they are a nice keepsake to offer your guests.

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Balloon bouquets done by a professional, such as arches and bouquets, last longer because they are not filled with helium. Favors — Favors are an optional item for a Casino Party. Pretoria news menlyn casino out little spades and clubs out of black construction paper or foil, and hearts and diamonds out of red paper or foil.

Customize the poker chips for your party. For smaller tables, try something creative and use different, fun designs at each table. Fill a glass vase with different colored dice or poker chips. Great for themed parties, birthdays, and kid celebrations, our strings of pennants come with pirate flags, heraldic symbols, and more. Our centerpieces make great eye-catching displays that can complete the festive look of your tables.


If the space is rented, be sure to check what is allowed before you purchase any wall decor. Your order will be sent with our courier and delivered within 3 days. We also have Mylar balloons that come in all sorts of fun sizes and shapes, including cartoon characters, animals, babies, pirate ships, and more.

Place Settings Create customized place settings for each guest on the tables. Regular helium-quality balloons can be filled to stay afloat, blown up and taped to other decorations, or scattered around on the floor for kids to play with.

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Use small picture frames or cut a small slit in corks to hold the place cards. If the Casino Party involves a sit down dinner, it is important not to make the centerpieces too large, as they can take away room that guests need to eat.

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Deck out a fun casino or celebrate a coming-of-age — just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! When it comes to providing a festive atmosphere, decorations can help to add a certain ambiance, while favors provide a memorable keepsake of the evening.

Casino Theme Party Tableware

Our casino theme party supplies are everything you need to set a scene. Make sure your party is one to remember with Amazon.

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Make up 52 over-sized playing cards and deal them out to each place setting if you have 10 or fewer settings per table. Wall decor — The use of wall decor depends entirely on the space in which you are having your Casino Party.