Insurance, Reinsurance and Catastrophe Protection in the Caribbean

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Strengthened insurance regulatory oversight in the region can also support the objectives of properly evaluating real-sector portfolio risks and ensuring the financial strength and solvency of the insurance industry.

However, catastrophes around the world in recent years have prompted insurance regulators to reassess their roles.

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Michigan - Rules-Vessels Carrying Passengers for Hire The cruise line lawsuits found on Cruise Laws are not intended to provide legal advice on maritime law. They view leadership role on mitigation measures as a government function.

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The spate of world-wide natural hazard events over the last several years had, throughcreated the tightest reinsurance market in memory, with very high prices for limited availability, and stringent coverage limitations.

Risk assessment is a well-understood methodology, combining hazard assessment and vulnerability analysis.


The hurricane season has given examples of unexpectedly high storm frequencies, and some insurance companies are understood to be faced as at October with difficult decisions regarding reinstatement of their reinsurance contract limits for the remainder of the period most expire at year end. Policyholders need to know how to put together the information they need to press their claims and where to get practical help to safeguard their belongings.

Identification of hazard-prone areas and limits on their use b. Practice drills will hone management, public relations, and other skills to allow the transparency of operations essential to maintaining all round good will. Throughout the world, recent gambling regulation jamaica disasters have prompted the realization that there is no longer any justification for political indifference gambling regulation jamaica the need to establish sound national vulnerability reduction programs and legislation.

In terms of financial management, the assets of a regional pool could be invested mostly overseas to achieve maximum returns and provide needed foreign exchange in the event of disasters. In the long run, it is recommended that the pool be privatized once public-sector financial support was no longer required.

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It is evident that to keep the industry sustainable and protect the public interest, all parties--governments along with the local and the reinsurance industries--must assume an active role in promoting vulnerability reduction measures.

Policy coverage restrictions are generally designed and imposed by foreign reinsurers, and their effect falls on the policyholders rather than on the insurance companies.

Such agreements should be in writing and should be made directly with the reinsurers, rather than rely on representations of intermediary gambling regulation jamaica brokers. Some non-structural measures are in use in the gambling regulation jamaica href="">2 slot r9 390 on a limited basis.

For the most part, these local operations continue today as insurance units of trading and financial companies whose profit strategies center on their roles as agents for a wide range of products and services.

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Linkage of insurance regulation to require compliance with building codes before insurance coverage can be provided. Regulatory measures seen as capable of encouraging vulnerability reduction can be divided into two categories: Degree of loss that may be expected of an element e.

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Gambling regulation jamaica reduction should become a committed national strategy covering all sectors; it is long-term and non-partisan. In the Caribbean, the role and contributions of the insurance industry in promoting such measures have been subdued and insignificant compared with practices elsewhere.

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Carriers in certain Caribbean countries perceive their risk of exposure to catastrophe as being less than that of other countries, and they think that even if the premium gambling regulation jamaica those other countries paid into the pool reflected the higher risks, there might still be some sort of subsidy that could be avoided by negotiating their own reinsurance directly.

The level amount of risk retained by an insurer before reinsuring self-insurance.

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From the perspective of multilateral institutions, any funding, contingent line of credit financing, or pala casino online gaming that might become available would most likely need to be coupled with real sector mitigation measures as well as insurance-sector regulatory measures, to ensure the lowest cost in premium payments and to maximize the coverage at the lowest risk.

The development of these roles is an excellent target for technical and financial assistance from international aid agencies.

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Solvency and liquidity levels. They have already set up substantial reserves to cover against potential disasters, and thus are rather self-sufficient.

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They fear that significant premium discounts for the better-protected risks however well merited cannot be balanced by surcharging the poorer risks and that they would therefore end up paying the shortfall in reinsurance premium from their own pockets. First, they result in broad-brush applications for individual risk characteristics and premium ratings.

In other major markets, natural hazard experiences have prompted insurance regulators to take greater initiative in advancing multi-sector catastrophe protection approaches.

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This in essence would be a self insurance mechanism, which in the long run would avert the need for emergency borrowing in the event of disasters. However, two major constraints remain.

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With the PML information as the starting point, and using its own financial modeling capabilities, the risk management firm determined a capitalization figure for a regional insurance company to sell "all risks" property insurance to each of the some 1, CHA members.

Given the more gambling regulation jamaica easing of reinsurance prices, Caribbean insurers should see to it that long-term interests are best served by strengthening all elements of the industry infrastructure to meet the reasonable expectations of policyholders, taking into account market capacity for coverage at different premium price levels.