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I got rid of some of the elements, I added my own solutions. It switches off when the solar panel produces more than 1v and charges the battery when the panel produces more than 1.

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But the frustrating part is most transmitters refuses to work at all, and secondly the internet is full of crappy transmitter circuits. The transformer is hand-wound on a ferrite rod from an old transistor radio and the winding wire can be salvaged from an old transformer.

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The energy gained by the solar panel is stored in a LiPo battery. Through my continued quest of searching for that too good to be true one transistor, I happened to run across a super-regenerative receiver, by Charles Kitchin, famous for his vast knowledge of regenerative designs. I have seen a couple but they were always attached to some sort of added device, such as another IC or another transistor for amplification in the receiver itself.

At 18 to 24V power supply you must use transistors like: Directly to the oscillator an antenna is connected.

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Amplitude, offset and duty-cycle are performed via variable resistors. Both of these diodes function as a changeable capacitor whilst you regulate the pot.

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The entire device is powered by two CR lithium cells that fit into TicTac box. Both are 8 pin DIP packages and the difference between the two are apparent by their part numbers. It uses the phone wire as the antenna and is activated when the phone is picked up.

Either are suited for this circuit provided the supply voltage does not exceed the recommended 5 to 12 volt DC range. As the electrons flow through the common slot breakout board, they generate electricity. A small telescopic whip has an expected range of at leaset metres or more.

In the first and second stages of the transmitter one of the best driver transistors were used 2SC Solar Circuits As the world around us becomes more and more environmentally conscious, alternative energies such as solar power are becoming more and more popular.

Although the hacker board market is still wonderfully diverse, several expansion interface standards continue to emerge to make it easier to find add-on boards. - Electronic Projects

But some basic information won't harm. The circuit is using a ready made 1uH inductor which can be purchased from an electronic components store. The cost of powering the circuit is about 22 watts and this will produce the same light output as 60 watt incandescent light bulb. Signal In to any audio player through 0.

To make the circuit as small as possible, the conventional tuning capacitor has been dispensed with and fixed pF capacitors used instead. The microphone is an electret type. The schematic is based on the schematic in the datasheet of the chip with minor changes.

I now understand what is meant when rivers casino 446 club says FM signal travels best in a line of sight. Please participate in the discussion area at the conclusion of this post. FM Transmitters FM transmitters can be complicated to build, but not this one.

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Since the current spike may be many amps, the regulator may fail. Linear style regulators such as a LM or LM type voltage regulators lose as much as V and can not be common slot breakout board in this application.

The maximum voltage should not exceed 3V.

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Optionally you may also add four-resistor voltage divider to charge an iPhone or iPad. You can broadcast stereo signals from your CD player or any other source to an FM tuner or radio.

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It's a circuit you can put together from junk box components and is a very simple to build. The short circuit protection is also built right in the voltage regulator.

The circuit is rather simple, uses only one transistor and few passive components and performs well in terms of frequency stability, almost zero drifting after about 4 hours of continuous operation.

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