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He found a quarter with his index finger, picked it up and pushed it into the coin slot on the face of the machine.

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Aruna put the disc into the slot, and the machine began to whir. Will - el uso en la vida real: We bebe slot competition, and I hope that my British colleagues will agree uso de slots en ingles me on that.

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An accessory pack full of the usual stuff including various screws, stands, slot covers, etc was included. It has also to be pointed out that where there are no slots, there is no space. Escucho un coche fuera. They'll paint the house this weekend. I inserted a CD into the insert slot on the machine and it pulled the CD inside.

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I shall see my friends next week. Ejemplos de uso para: Shall I see you again later on? Only when Tiffany shoved a few coins in the machine slot and restarted the aeroplane again did the child shut up. Negotiations were held with Switzerland to ensure that the necessary slots were made available, and to obtain the Swiss authorities' agreement that there would be sufficient competition on the routes between Belgium and Switzerland.

If Sabena cannot fill those slots then others should be allowed to use them.

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Firstly, at the heart of the Regulation lies a new definition of the slots as a right of usage, and thus the property neither of airlines, nor of airports, but rather a public good. The delivery system includes a first modular manifold for internally channeling the high purity fluid streams along seamless slots.

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Secondly, what is being done to ensure that the staff at Brussels airport does not restrict the movement of those new-slot airlines as a result of picketing and delays at the airport? When internal flights in Denmark were deregulated, the airlines responded by raising prices.

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An undercutter cuts a horizontal slot, or kerf, along the floor of the advancing room to provide a relief for blasting. We need common rules on market access, price formation, computer reservation systems and slot allocation.

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Our attempt at finding air transport a place in the logic of optimising transport overall could not, unfortunately, be enshrined in the Regulation on slots. I hope, Commissioner, that you will ensure that it is not allowed to keep those slots in order to open up more lucrative routes and that if other companies are prepared to start up from the regions those slots will be given to them.

We need competition, and so we also need new slots for new air carriers, in order to better organise competition in air travel and for the passengers' benefit. He will get ill if he doesn't eat properly.

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The fence is held fixed by thumbscrews bearing on the top of the guides, rather than by screws passing through the slots of the guides and pressing collars against their bottoms. One day I'm going to have a beautiful house in the country.

The Council adopted a Regulation on a code of conduct for the uso de slots en ingles of slots at Community airports.

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She dug around in her purse and inserted a one-pound coin into the slot, waiting impatiently for the machine to process the menu. Don't phone now; they'll be in bed. He showed me the particular key to the bureau, which appeared to be quite complicated, as it had four sets of grooves and slots, instead of the average of chess gambling. I won't say this again!

What do you think will happen at the end of this book?

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John'll come and visit us in a few days. Ver "going to" para las predicciones That has nothing to do with offering slots. It generally requires slotting the card into the AGP port and securing it to the slot via a screw.

No cambia con las distintas personas. They noticed the cashpoint slot was narrow, and when the card was retained they remained by the machine for further instructions - but nothing happened.

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I will see my friends next week. We have for the first time pointed out the connection between airway slots and airport slots, which will make it easier to synchronise the two in the future.

The distribution of slots must therefore not result in newcomers being accorded discarded slots only. Para nosotros tiene importancia el modo en que el mercado quede configurado en el futuro cuando hablamos de los slots.

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The Commission proposal on new rules for the allocation of slots is a necessary intermediate step.