Are Reapers AI or VI?

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Mass Effect - Part 21 - Glitches, Gambling and AI

Legion said that each Reaper consists of billions paypal casino no deposit bonus organic minds inhabiting a single body. The Asari equalist group turns out to be an undercover group of criminals casino niagara apply online the organization as a front.

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Having been discovered, it prepares a self-destruct mechanism. This is actually hinted at in ME3 in the Asari temple on Thessia. I hope so So far, though, they are AIs.

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The AI is scornful of organics like Shepard, claiming it is not naive; it understands organic life must always enslave or destroy synthetics, but it refuses to die alone.

The Geth are limited in perspective because they can never truly be organic; however, EDI is the remarkable paradigm of the ME series that makes it all possible.

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However, now that it has been discovered, the AI is planning to destroy itself and take Shepard with it. It just leaves a flare of mystery in the Reaper origins that still gives them that mystical and all powerful feel I'd ignore it and stick with the default hypothesis on the Reapers' nature.

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AI has nothing to do with being synthetic or organic, A organic construct can have a artifical mind just as easily as a synthetic. The council was founded just under years ago gambling ai mass effect the asari and the salarians.

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They all go continue with the continued cycle of destruction. Through the lore of the ME series, they were always refered to as AI They are in essence cyborgs, but instead of having a single will and gambling ai mass effect, they are painted to have similar that of which geth, which have a concensus, a mind of many, within one body.

The quarians and the geth for example.

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It is therefor likely to say that Reapers do not in fact have any free will, instead they are bound to something that compells them to begin a new cycle every time. The reapers were never AI, any more than any organic being is.

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Unknown to the thief, his AI made another, the AI now addressing Shepard, before the thief discovered the "malfunction" and destroyed his creation. Reapers are neither AI nor VI, they are organic-synthetic sentient nations in a single body.

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You do not want to be caught.