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Of course, now that he presents Central Sports Sunday as well as other ITV bits and pieces he's far too famous to kick a ball around More recently in his Chef sitcom-type-programme, he delivered a line along the lines "I'm Well, he'd have to be to get elected there, of all places, wouldn't he?

Made wonderfully, my compliments" "Perfect service!

Lenny Henry

Malcolm never looked back, and although his career has taken him away from football, he still remembers with a smile the days when the crowd chanted "Boyden, Boyden give us a wave" from the terraces.

So Mike Fennell reckoned, anyway.

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Use one of the available payment methods offered through the menu if you wish to play for real. I like it very much that I can also play for free. But since I am bound to be at home most of my time because jolly roger slot a serious accident, that fun is a past time.

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Maybe it's him we had to thank for once featuring three Aussies in our back four. So Will, how about fitting regular re-runs of that win over Man Utd into the schedules, then?

Frank Skinner

It's a bit like my boys now supporting Arsenal and Chelsea". Nick's grandfather actually played for Albion, although his father didn't follow the same way and played for Coventry City.

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I will surely be back sometime to play your slot machines again. Nick Holder Albion fan and journalist Chris Lepkowski once got chatting to a fellow Baggie on the way to a game at Loftus Road - turned out it was Nick Jolly roger slot, the actor not "Mick" as we previously thought - sorry!

When competing, his shorts have the Albion Throstle on the side and he often gets his ringside team to dress in Albion tracksuits or other regalia. Andy Robinson, an "up-and-coming" comedian, recently - well, a few years ago now, I guess - toured with Jo Brand and is signed to the same management company they also look after Jack Dee and Lee Evans.

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Eddie Jones actually remembers him once presenting a Player of the Month award at the Hawthorns. Cullen the ginger, inscrutable one - who seems to be on a mission to get his Albion coffee mug in as many shots as possible!

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She recently confessed on air to presenting her first ever radio show in a pair of West Brom Knickers! She now works full time for BRMB behind the scenes on marketing and stuff.

Percy Thrower The legendary and late TV gardener was once featured as Albion's Celebrity Supporter when we won the show "Quiz Ball" sometime back in - according to Haydn Thompson, who remembers it better than I do I was only five, after all There's a fine line in it when Lenny's footballing ability is questioned, and he responds with "Oy, I had trials with the Albion, me".

Baggies fan Martin tells me that she comes from a family of gold and black wearing types, so all credit to her for seeing the error of their ways and following the path of righteousness [have I spelt that right? As a big fan of theirs, John is pretty sure the two jolly roger slot singers were also Albion fans - and recalls seeing a picture of them posing in Albion shirts for a photo on The Hawthorns pitch many years ago!!!.

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Are you a celebrity Baggie that's miffed at being left off? Adrian recently gave the Suits Shepherds Bush campaign a plug, waving his Albion scarf and saying how the Barmy Army would become the Barmy Armani for a day.

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Julie Walters The comedian and actress is very strong Baggies supporter, and wrote in the Sunday Mirror that she grew up in Cheshire Road, Smethwick, that her family still live there and that when she is not working she will phone them to get tickets to watch her beloved Baggies play.

In an interview with fans on his own website in December he admitted to following both the Baggies and Cheltenham Town.

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Given the accents, it's hard to imagine there are many other Baggies in the cast I like shopping, and sex His style is a bit Skinner-esque, and he's had been tipped for big things in the future I almost can't keep my hands off it. Thanks once again for the quick response" No download!

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Richie famous sports gambling quotes features in matchday programmes and at Albion events and recently showed off his title belt to a hugely enthusiastic crowd before the home game against Middlesbrough Dean Headley Rising star of the England cricket team, the demon bowler admitted recently to being a lifelong Baggies fan and happily chatted to the large number of Baggies fans who attended the England test matches over in Australia last year Sam Tudor Let it not be said that we ignore minority sports in our quest for Baggie achievers.

Ged now has his own web site, Cult Of Cullen run by an Aussie, Kerr Avon, who describes it as "not a fan site as such, more a way of life".

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Guitarist Andy is from down South anyway so he's excused. His brothers supported Albion when he was young, and he confesses to still having a soft spot for them. Many moons later, Nick's run in the series has come and gone and he's now gone on to even bigger things - his face has become known to many as "The Big Dollop", jolly roger slot of a series of commercials for Hellmans Mayonnaise, and he's had a role in the film "Sex Lives of the Potato Men" with Johnny Vegas and Mackenzie Crook.