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One example of this is students from Colegio Cedros Norte in Mexico Citywho make the carpets for Corpus Christi using grass mats and flower petals, which is more biodegradable. The making of the carpets was then extended to Good Friday with images related to that day, Christ on the Cross and a grieving Virgin Mary.

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In the past natural dyes such as indigoalmond shells etc. The Feast of the Bowers is eight days of festivities along with preparation days before when people tapetes para casino large quantities of flowers and other materials to make carpets for the streets alone with tree branches.

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Each of these are about forty m2 and change each day, and dedicated to the Virgin Mary image. The elaborate decorations are then walked over by a parade of floats and other festive elements. The finer and more compact the sawdust the smoother the finished work.

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After the carpet is finished, it received a very light spray of water to affix the sawdust in republikanisches roulette and keep the colors from fading. The carpets are part of the Feria de Huamantla which extend over the month of August.

The tradition has been traced as far back as These have been created with both casino azay le rideau and secular motifs such as landscapes and still lifes.

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These include many made by primary school children. The entire procession route is covered in carpets made of sawdust and other materials.

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The color is mostly provided by the flowers. These include flowers and flower petals, pine needles, rice, fruit, colored earth, ashes and other usually organic materials. Then the designs are laid over top.

These include Mixtec fretworkimages from pre Hispanic codices and regional color schemes. There the streets were adorned with flowers and sand, becoming more elaborate over the Middle Ages.

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Traditional carpets in Mexico and Central America are done with colored and uncolored sawdust; however, various other materials are used with it and sometimes in place of it.

In Azcapotzalco in Mexico City, large carpets are made with sawdust along with marigold petals, corn, salt and candles for Day of the Dead. The procession and the carpets draw aboutvisitors each year.