Removing possible bitumen paint on exterior wall

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He says it may have been put there to prevent damp getting in, but in reality perhaps it should not be there as by default it also prevents the slot ide untuk from breathing and could be the cause of damp problems internally.

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I originally thought this was just exterior paint weatherproofinghowever one builder told me that it looks like bitumen paint. Step 1 Scrape the paint off using either a hand-held paint scraping tool or an abrasive paint-removing disk on a drill. On newer painted surfaces, make slits in the paint and insert either a screwdriver or a drywall knife and pull up an edge that someone can grab. I have been having a few problems with damp in my house.

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I have posted before about this but have come up with some more info different so I thought I'd post new. Once removed do I need to do anything to the newly exposed wall pointing, coating with something else etc I will not be doing the work my self, but want to get an idea of what could hillbilly casino red white and bruised the cause of my damp problems before Blackjack paint remover get anyone to start any work.

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People commonly use it to weatherproof materials like stucco or brickwork, forming a nearly impervious seal of protection. When I had the house surveyed, I was told there was damp on the end terrace wall the one on the side of the alleyway.

So here are my questions: You can choose among several types to brush on and dissolve the elastomeric coating.

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Because it is so durable and hardy, you will find it extremely difficult to remove once it has been painted on. I have read some other posting on this but could not find an answer I Live in an end of terrace which I bought only a while ago.

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I originally posted about this is and the generally opinon was that the floor level was too high and I needed to lower it. This is the most labor-intensive way to remove elastomeric paint.

I have spoke to a few builders about this and from them I have discovered sometihng else.

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Create soak away and filling the channel with gravel. Could it be causing the damp I am getting on the ground floor ie on the internal walls I see bubbling blackjack paint remover the plaster, loose bits flaking off and small bits of black mould in the corners. You literally can peel off large strips, which is particularly easy if the paint is older and cracked. Solution from him was to lower the floor level of the alleyway to 2 brick lines below the dpc.

Pressure wash all the stubborn areas that don't readily peel. There is an alleyway one side of my house - hence end terrace. Once you dissolve the coating, you can pressure wash it off or peel it away.

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How can I tell its bitumen paint Is he right in saying that it may be causing problems. Step 2 Peel off strips of elastomeric paint with your hands. Step 3 Strip elastomeric paint with a chemical remover. Elastomeric paint is commonly used to seal stucco, and is difficult to remove. I also have some mould appearing in one of the bedrooms upstairs on the inside of the same wall Shoud I remove it, and if so how?

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I was told this was due to the floor level of the alley way bridging the dpc. If possible, enlist the help of friends and relatives. Removing elastomeric paint is labor-intensive no matter how it's done, and the more people available to help, the faster the process will go.

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Another solution offered was to use a disc cutter and cut out a channel 6 inches away from the wall, along the full length of the wall and dig down to the correct level. The whole wall externally is painted black all the way to the chimney stack.