Precon slot dipping device, negligible loss...

When used inconjunctionwith the Slot Dipping Device which is suitable forpressures up to 40" mm WG, loss of vapor is greatly reduced. The collection device descends into the tank under the control of the operator at the top of the tank, and collects the sample or information required.

Details Slot Dipping Devices The Slot Dipping Device has been designed to provide convenient and safe methods for dipping, sampling of storage tanks containing volatile and hazardous products.

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A hard Beryllium copper strip in the adaptor holds the graduated side of the tape clear of the edge of the slot. Check the distance from the bottom of the bob to a point above the snap on the tape to make certain a correct reading is obtained.

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With the lower chamber sealed, the closure can be opened and the measuring or sampling device inserted through the bayonet fitting and loaded into the top chamber. Entry to the Sampling Gauge Hatch is through a lockable closure in which a bayonet fitting will allow entry for the sampling, and temperature devices, and depth measuring tape.

When the upper section of the device is isolated from the tank by the closure pallet the plug can be removed and the tape weight inserted with the tape adaptor replacing the plug. Willaccommodatethermometers manufactured to the Institute of PetroleumSpecificationwith overall and immersed lengths of mm and 65 mmrespectively.

The hinged cap closing the upper section is constructed to accept the bayonet fitting of the rope or tape adaptor.

Device Slot Dipping

Operators not exposed to hazardous vapors. Measuring the product temperature. The bayonet fitting entry is plugged, and the closure shut and locked.

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The tape adaptor Fig. The operator withdraws the device into the top chamber and seals the two chambers.

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The tape adaptor or rope adaptor is inserted in thecap andafter lowering the pallet, sampling can proceed. Taking a sample at any level. These valves provide pressure and vacuum relief.

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Heated viscous oils may require aslightlylonger immersion of up to 1 minute. The device can accommodate both heavy and light dip weights and also the Temperature and Sampling Device.