how to deal with an employee who takes too much sick leave

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Provide your own Vegas tips below! Kara September 27, at This is why good blackjack dealers deal so fast. So besides playing inherently slower games or simply playing less, here are a few ways to get the best odds: Clobbered September 26, at 7: I personally like Craps not just passBlackjack no countingand the sportsbook the best.

They have 12 days in case they are unfortunate enough to need it: September 26, at 5: Keep in mind that the strategy changes slightly with all the small variations between blackjack games.

Since I love numbers, I decided to compile some ways to achieve the best odds in a casino. I had a call center job where we were given a number of PTO days each year. Yes, that means that you are short-staffed almost as often as you are fully staffed. If you or your company post office in roulette pa not OK with that, then you either need to staff up to the point that you are OK with it, OR reduce the number of sick days you give to people.

However, if you practice a bit, you can whittle the House Edge down to less than 0. In my view for it to be a benefit it would be PTO regardless of the name which you could take at your discretion and for which you would be cashed out if you aberrant comp slots to leave the company, etc. Id also go further than Alisons conversation.

If you have 8 people in your office, and they each get 12 sick days a year, you need to also be prepared to have 96 absences in your department per year. Consistency is all I ask for. You have to be totally unable to do ANY work in order to get disability. Even if she were out for legitimate reasons, this would still be a massive strain on the office and would not be an ideal situation.

Opinions expressed here are author's alone. September 26, at 2: But not all games and bets are created equal. Which means that it might not all be used. Because it does happen. The fact that workplaces allocate 12 days of sick time per year this is not unusual means that on average people need about 6 days a year, with some needing none and some needing Card counting typically gives the player an advantage of 0.

If they cannot take advantage of that benefit, it might as well not exist. Bets Requiring Significant Skill If you are willing to put in the required of time and effort, poker may be a good idea. You are competing directly with other people, with the casino making their money by taking a small percentage of each pot.

Bets Requiring Some Skill The main skill you need here is memorization. Jamie Alcohol slot frankrijk 26, at 3: By all means talk to their employee and share the fact that their sick time is above average and that it is creating a problem.

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Or the occaisional flu and can not work that day. I, like Joey, look at it as an insurance policy.

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Joey September 26, at 3: Actually, the best odds here are achieved by not gambling at all… Although the table is very cluttered, the best bet is actually very simple. I agree with Josh that implicit in the allocation of leave is the acceptance that someone may very well need the whole thing.

Another practice that can gain you a slight advantage over the house is Blackjack with card-counting.

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The PTO days that you offer to employees are a benefit to them. You can even practice learning online. September 26, at Keep in mind this takes into account getting the Royal Flush, which pays to 1.

Tournaments can be a fun way to minimize your losses. It is not an extra vacation day. If this employee was mine and was above average in other respects, I would worry more about their absence not falling onto just one person, and live with it.

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If you bet on the banker every time, the House Edge is a mere 1. Jamie September 26, at 1: But like an insurance policy the payout in this case sick days is calculated based aberrant comp slots potential use spread across employees — not based on every employee maxing out.