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When Adrianna checks in on him, she discovers a sweaty Dixon with a bloody nose. While Liam, Navid and Dixon are heading to the beach to surf, Dixon tells them he punched Oscar for sleeping with Ivy. Later, Navid tells Dixon about the rumors of a naked picture of Frankfurt slot coordination but he doesn't care about it.

90210 dixon gambling Harry discovers that Dixon was a part of the vandalism, Dixon ends up in trouble. He is portrayed by Tristan Wilds. He has the support of his friends with his music, with Ivy taking photos for his EP cover and Adrianna giving his demo to an important agent.

She accuses Dixon of putting his career ahead of their relationship.

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Dixon and Silver have a romantic dinner In the following casino taj goa, Silver found Dixon at a party and caused a ruckus, offended that he appeared to have moved on quite easily. When extra hours at the Peach Pit began to affect his schoolwork, Harry took care of the charges and Dixon later paid him back. As they bond, she lures Dixon into the habit of betting on sports which instantly hooks Dixon to gambling.

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After Annie and Craps table hop bets accidentally see their parents' divorce papers in the mail, they decide to take action into their own hands. Dixon is later seen sneaking out of the house as his parents are fighting.

Dixon later thanks Adrianna, but she confronts him about his drug problem. At the beach, Ivy apologizes again to Dixon for sleeping with Oscar.

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Dixon and Silver later shared a kiss, and soon began dating. Dixon was flattered, but he also appeared confused. The images then cut to a recording of Dixon and Silver having sex, which Silver had taped in secret. Wanting an opportunity to show more of his music, Dixon gets a part at Raj's fundraiser. When a new school day came along, Silver revealed that she'd had Dixon's name tattooed on her torso.

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Later, Dixon is there to support Teddy when he comes out to all of his friends at Naomi's party. During that same day at school, he gives Ivy a bouquet of surf wax. Dixon shows Adrianna his new track, which turns out to be a remixed version of her song that she sang a couple of months ago.

Dixon tells Ivy he still loves her and wants to pretend that the last week never happened. Later, JD introduces Adrianna to the record label producers. Shirts are pushed up, stomachs are salted, and yes, many photos are taken. Dixon became confused by Casino styling reaction to Annie and Ethan's relationship, finding it odd that she was turned off by their repeated displays of affection.

90210 dixon gambling, Ivy pulls up and asks to speak to Dixon 90210 dixon gambling apologize and tells him he must know she still loves him. 90210 dixon gambling believes that the woman who lives with Dixon is his wife, so she decides to follows Debbie and talks to her.

He tells her she should have thought of that before and walks away to catch up with the guys. The incident was noticed by Ethan who initially gave a false account to the principal of what happened, which was due to peer pressure. Silver followed 90210 dixon gambling home while frantically explaining her actions and stressing her love, but Dixon went inside after a brief argument.

Dixon kisses Silver at the Winter Wonderland dance In " Unmasked ," Dixon ends his relationship with Sasha for not letting him hang out with his 90210 dixon gambling until Sasha reveals that she is pregnant with his baby. Dixon spots them kissing and freaks out.

During a party at the beach club, Dixon hooks up with Silver while feeling sad.

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She then tells Dixon that she wants to give them a shot. Later, JD shows up and tells Dixon that some people from a record label want Adrianna's music. They convince him to use their space.

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Annie tries to reach out Dixon for help but he thinks she slept with Liam during the prom.