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For my wife, the beautiful A. For that, I have you, my indulgent readers. Big Gambling Writer, Mr. In those days I was skinny but all that money made me one fat, and contented, cat on the plane.

I never wrote about the true nature of my Las Vegas gambling successes in any of my books because nobody likes a braggart. Unlike some big bettors I've seen, this guy acted like an average person at the table - he could have been me except his bets were about times bigger. I couldn't leave this table and the wife was ok with it. Click here to find out how to join.

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Now AP really loves me. Constantly tipping the dealers also. I had a last playing day that was even worse than the first. Craps stories forum 26th, at 9: I just wanted to crawl under a rock. Then I pass a craps table. It's no fun, and most don't do it. That night I slept in the fetal position.

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Check out these rules: Kept going up to the room to get craps stories forum money and losing it. I craps stories forum up to the table and stood at an open spot on the other side of the stick from a fellow wearing a black had. Okay I was drunk. Have to tell you the dealers were the best. Seated next to A. Click here to login to The Craps Club a new window will open. Oh how that would change.

My regular outfits are sweat pants and t-shirts, preferably old and about to disintegrate. My guy was an older gentleman who didn't taunt the other players, but he did keep yelling for the seven and made a ton of prop bets - "Come on big red!! We both laid full odds, at least I'm pretty sure he was, but my brain stopped being able to multiply by 6 with numbers larger than I never get the right thing on the first try.

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The first cellular phone I ever bought, when they were those big models, melted. I select two; set my 3V, take a breath; grab, grip, aim, and deliver the dice softly and with just enough back spin to land them with a breaking element so that they die at the base of the back wall.

Those were the old low limit, let your hair down places to play. The trip from hell began with casino garden centre and ended with an oh-man.

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My wife, the beautiful A. Of course, there are the mundane things to do. At the time I had no idea how much it was. We go upstairs and she dumps her contents of her bag on the bed. If any of you would like to share a story would love to read it.