Kite (Hunter X Hunter)

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Kite tells the 2 boys that on this mission they must be able to handle an ant of this level by themselves. By his own claim, he grew up in a shanty town. Powers and Stats Tier: She has a rat-like tail and she wears black leather suit and pants.

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Hunter x hunter wiki crazy slots then turns his corpse into a doll that automatically attacks anyone who gets near him, probably to train ant soldiers [8]. A roulette appears on the clown's tongue with numbers 1 to 9, each corresponding to a specific weapon.

Kite can only shout to Gon and Killua to get away from him before his right arm is ripped off. He thinks they will be able to kill the Queen before she gives birth to a King.

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From the results they infer that it belongs to an abnormally large Chimera ant queen. Once a number is selected, a weapon attached to the clown will appear. After the research is completed, Mr.

This means that Kite cannot choose what weapon he wants to use, he did this in order to increase the power of the individual weapons by making a Contract prohibiting selection by choice.

Although some may regard him as cold-hearted, he is actually caring, fond of animals as he is of people. The roll is 2 and the roulette turns into a scythe.

Hunter x Hunter Immortal Dream

However, they are soon detected by Pitouwho immediately jumps towards them. Next, they are confronted by another Chimera ant officer named Yunju and 2 drudges in a secret drug factory.

As the time passed by, he matures and remembers the former Kite's memories. Won from the zoological agency of Kakin tells them that Southernpiece auction house has discovered a body part of an unidentified creature. It is useful for taking out a large number of weak opponents in a short time.

Kite saves Gon by killing the mother and then chastises the boy for making him kill it.

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