Examples of Idioms

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Additionally, there are two secret achievements with the "Nightmare In North Point" bonus downloadable content: It is in a Bridal Shop. In Asia the Rat is one of the 12 animals of Buddhist custom and the Chinese lunar calendar, and the idiom is imported.

Successfully perform an action hijack. Unlock every lockbox in Central. After he fell off the stage, she laughed herself sick, and that really rubbed salt in the wounds, when he saw it on TV.

Most of the cockfight arenas have a betting cap, but the one on the far left does not. I was writing my blog and got stage fright. Spitting image of someone who always looked like they were spitting chips.

Inside the club, you will fight several goons in a room lit with aquariums.

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This costume allows you to stunt hijack from a further distance. A sobering thought is one which makes you think clearly. Nah, that's not a shark. Send Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail back to Hell.

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Pray at all of the Health Shrines. Rome wasn't built in a day either, because they found they wanted the buildings to be able to stand up. There are so many idiomatic senses that each has to be considered relative to the total statement in which the word is contained.

Anglo Australian expression, meaning a lunatic, someone who doesn't know what he's talking about.

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They were on their last legs, saved by the bell when the event was called off. I think we can say Fred is more pecked than pecking, in the group hierarchy.

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You will then be able to call her for a proper date. However, if you have completed "Tiffany's Song", you can get in the temple where the statue is placed on the central altar.

If this is not done quickly, tfwiki blackjack cops will kill you before you can shoot out their tires.