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Lets start with the obvious differences. We, as people may be biased toward certain chips, but the chemical structures will not lie. Although I am new to all of this except science Pyramid casino chips will not stop until I know the compositions!! I am yet to weigh them, but I will on Monday in my pharmaceutics lab on a digital scale with doors that shut.

With over 20 designs to choose from, we are proud to carry the best selection of wholesale poker chips anywhere. Please make sure to casino betty mars your company info as we have to verify this info before changing your status to wholesale.

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Click here to browse our poker chips selection Custom poker chips for your business and customers For businesses that want to stand out and offer their own line of custom poker chipswe offer a personalized poker chips service. If I can gain access to the lab sometime in the next several months as I am extremely busy finishing pharmacy school - not to mention the experiment will require much homework I will be happy to share the results with those who are interested.

The term "Chinese clay" doesn't mean much to me either. Happy gaming people and good luck. Please visit our FAQs page to view the requirements and procedure for obtaining a wholesale or dropship account. The Paulsons have a fine waffle like surface which increases friction thus stackabilitytherefore reducing the slight slide I get with the Pyramids when I drop them in my hand smooth surface.

It is like Mike Tyson in his prime vs a science geek like myself. There are many different types of plastic. Click here to view our selection of poker DVDs If you are a business and you would like to access wholesale prices via our website, you will need to register on our site. I am very curious to know the real difference since the "recipes" are so top secret. The IR spec incase some of you don't know can measure roulette a ressort pour portail leroy merlin type of functional groups are on the molecules that compose theses chips, thus giving us a clue to how similar they are chemically.

Subjects covered range from beginner's Texas Hold'em to performing poker chip tricksas well as Blackjack, Roulette, advanced Texas Hold'em techniques and everything in between.

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Is it this "composition" everyone claims to know so much about? From real clay poker chips, clay composite poker pyramid casino chips, ABS composite poker chips, to no metal insert clay poker chips, when pyramid casino chips buy from us, you can expect the highest quality chips at the best prices anywhere.

We deserve to know what exactly our chips are made of. Furthermore, the label on the Pyramid is much larger than the Paulson 28mm and 22mm respectively. Our current wholesale customers may either register above or call us at or email to be set up. If "they" won't tell us, I will simply find out for myself damnit! To determine complete structures we would need to determine melting points which I can do in the lab and do NMR nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy this I can't do as I have zero access to this type of spec machine.

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Paulson wins, but why? Having your company's logo hot stamped onto poker chips is more affordable and has a quicker turnaround time than you might think. In addition, the Paulsons are embossed with the lettering around the outside which further offers the chip something to hang onto before it can slide.

In addition, the Paulsons have a "plastic" protective material covering their "sticker" is this heat stamping - somebody school me on the lingo here. Call today to discuss having your own casino design printed.