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Kill it with a shotgun SPAS or '87 is recommended. It is on the southeast wall of the house. Find the white car, then go down to the bottom of the pond close to it to find the mask on a rock. Travel to the X: Search the south second story wall. It is inside a cave at the mouth of the narrow valley.

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Sixth Sense Perk - Automatically tags enemies about to detect the player. Search the top of a boulder to find the mask.

Go to the bell tower, and look on the north wall. Locate the cage in Shanath Poachers with the dead lion, on the northern part of the building.

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Travel to The Royal Fortress. It is on the outside west wall of the bell tower, about halfway up. Talk to the indicated NPC at the listed locations to begin the corresponding mission: It is on the south wall of the cabin.

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It is on the sign on the road leading to Banashur's Pyres. It is on the front wall of the building. Travel to Kyra Tea Terraces X: Travel to Keo Gold Storage X: Most items for survival including ammo will be found in the outposts, camps, or on corpses.

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Then, interact with it to destroy it. Travel south of the bridge, and locate the Pagan Min billboards. Go under the wing next to the cliff to find the mask behind it. It is on the eastern wall of the bell tower, about halfway up.

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It is on the west wall. Features Action Movie Mode - More or less an 'easy' mode. Keep climbing up until you reach the opening. It is on the northwest wall of the building. It is on the northeast wall of the bell tower.

Travel to Namboche Monastery. Earlier I posted about how much a love Far Cry 4 and to tell people to stop complaining.

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Travel to Pranijigat School X: Travel to Kyra Tea Farm, and look at the front of the only building there. Enter the house, and look under the bed to find the mask. Travel to Trethewey Homestead.

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From the starting coordinates north of Danger Dashed, continue to the riverbed at X: Enter the Ma'untena Ghari Shrine to find the mask on a table. It is on the front wall of the house north of the bell tower.

Hours of Darkness

Travel to Kyra's Respite. Control Shanath - X: It is on the northeast wall of the house.

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Travel to Rajgad Gulag.