Kenya bans importation of gaming machines

Chinese gambling machines in kenya, avoid...

Angry residents of Kidongu village in Taveta sub-county on Tuesday staged a demonstration demanding compensation for destruction of their homes, by explosives used by a Chinese company to mine ballast from a quarry during the construction of Mwatate-Taveta highway. The residents blamed legends casino pow wow 2015 contractor for taking them for granted by leaving unsafe pits which have caused a lot of injuries to children and livestock.

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A Mombasa-based insurance firm contracted by the Chinese company to carry out an assessment of the damage caused to the houses completed its assignment in but since then, no one has been compensated. He added he had informed his seniors and that the insurance firm would tour the village on Wednesday for further assessment.

The machines are usually owned by a ring of Chinese nationals who lease them out and only come to draw the money and pay the owner of the establishment a percentage of the profits. Avoid becoming a victim of Fake News.

Interior Ministry officials say this is part of a wider scheme to break the grip of Chinese gambling machines that have popped up in street corners.

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He further shared that information about illegal gambling activities will be collected, with officers who encourage or help such businesses set to be fired and also face the law. Kenyan population is now lost in gambling.

The County Dispatch

The situation is about to be worse given that children are about to close school. In serious nations, gambling and betting are operated in a very regulated environment.

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It might be remembered that months back, parliament formed a special committee to regulate the gambling industries. Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery ordered county commissioners to tear down the machines in a Chinese gambling machines in kenya notice. The Chinese coin slot is a scam I wonder why Raila Odinga has not yet unearthed this Jubilee coalition scam.

As explained by Mr. Khaliff Abdulai, the Makutano town area Acting County Commissioner commented on the measures which have been taken as chinese gambling machines in kenya of the chinese gambling machines in kenya crackdown across Kenya.

Four of the five people you know are into gambling. Abdulai, owners of the illegal gambling machines were given a grace period of one week to come and claim their ownership, but no one actually appeared. The machines were destroyed, while the three people allegedly engaged in assembling them and distribution to other parts of the region were taken into custody.

Children stealing money from parents to do to this damn machine and conflict is on the rise in families as monies meant for food is used to play in this machine. This is why the authorities took further measures and destroyed the machines, especially considering the fact that they want to fully eliminate illegal gambling in the country.

We have to join hands and send this thing back to the sender. Last week, national police officers carried out some sudden raids in a number of businesses, with unlicensed betting machines being found and confiscated during the raids. Mr Midiwo, who failed to convince his colleagues to form a special committee to investigate tax evasion and money laundering, proposes tighter regulation of betting firms.

Ogallo explained that two of the people arrested are local residents, while the third one is a Chinese businessman.

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The situation is getting so pathetic that the Chinese coin slots are spread all over, in the estate shops, markets, local Kinyozis,and in the bars and food kiosks. The Bill by Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo is a second attempt at reining in on betting companies which are making phenomenal profits and promoting the growing culture of gambling.

As it is now,the Chinese government ,with the help of some dubious cartels in the Jubilee government, is benefiting from us more than they should, comparing to how we are supposed to benefit from them,given that we are a developing nation. The move was welcomed until the known and unknown cartels interrupted the process,compromising the whole mission and as we speak, betting and gambling industries continue to operate in their most dubious ways.

It was estimated that over homes were affected by the project. It is through the mutual association that the Chinese coin slot meant for gambling has found their way in n the Kenyan market. The residents also complained that the contractor failed to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility by building facilities like schools and health centers for the village.

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On the Tuesday 9th April of ,when the Jubilee government was being ushered in,the incoming UhuRuto government promised 1 million jobs for the youths. According to local media reports, owners of businesses in the region have been facing massive losses after the gambling machines which were confiscated at the time of the raid were burnt down in the center of Makutano town. The Kenya Revenue Authority has sent a notice to all importers and customs agents that the Government has banned the importation of all gaming equipment, machines and devices forthwith.

Ministry officials say most of these establishments are making huge sums of money but are not even paying taxes.

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